Cassie Hines “Dance in These Shoes” Event Sponsored by Shelby Township Chevrolet


Heidebreicht Chevrolet, Shelby Township is always proud to serve the community, especially when it promotes an important cause. We were honored to sponsor the Cassie Hines “Dance in these Shoes” Event on March 7, which was a smashing success!

The Event on March 7

At the Gala occasion, guests enjoyed a formal evening of drinks, dinner, and dancing. This year’s theme was the Wizard of Oz, as a way of symbolizing the heart, brains, and courage needed to combat cancer. The Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation holds such events to raise awareness about young adults who are battling cancer. According to Chris Hines, Cassie’s Dad and the event coordinator, “We had over 250 people in attendance and were able to raise enough money to send 50 young adults battling cancer to camp! Camp is where they will find the tools and peer support to deal with the many facets of survivorship once they have worked past the initial diagnosis.”

About Cassie and the Foundation

Cassie Hines was a brave and beautiful young woman who was diagnosed with a rare type of kidney cancer when she was still in high school. She battled the cancer bravely every step of the way for four years until it ultimately took her life. Her experiences at two camps for young adults with cancer helped her to find joy and inspiration in even the most challenging moments of her journey. Her life will never be forgotten by those who loved her, and the foundation was started in her name to enable other young adults with cancer to attend similar camps.

About Heidebreicht Chevrolet and the Foundation

Christ Hines remarked that “Heidebreicht Chevy has been a strong supporter of the foundation and we feel blessed by the relationship, simply amazing! Thanks Jenna for your help as well, you are simply the best!” Learn more about Heidebreicht Chevrolet and our involvement in community activities – and we hope you’ll join us in supporting such worthy causes.


Cassie’s Story

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