2015 Colorado

Big Announcement: 2015 Colorado Named Motor Trends Truck of the Year

2015 Colorado

This year, the Colorado won by a unanimous vote – for Motor Trends’ coveted Truck of the Year recognition. Voting criteria includes:

  • Design Advancement
  • Engineering Excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Value
  • Performance (of its intended function)

Some of the key features that helped Colorado take the prize included: lifestyle considerations including good looks and features, admirable fuel economy and rugged capabilities. In the midsize category, truck owners are typically looking for a personal vehicle that can perform when it has to. “The Colorado to me is the perfect-size truck again,” Reynolds (Motor Trend) said. “Its simplicity and purity are what a truck ought to be about.”

According to Chevrolet, they are “reinventing the midsize pickup category” with the release of its all-new 2015 Colorado. Starting with the latest technology and changing everything from the frame up, the new Colorado pickup truck is available with a high-speed 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection, safety features like Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning. The Colorado is “one smart small truck”.

Motor Trend editors noted that “either empty or loaded, the Colorado provided a solid, smooth ride. Its size became a noticeable asset instead of a mark against it.” Further, “I had been concerned that these midsize trucks were too close in size to the full-size ones,” Markus said, “but this seems enough smaller to feel nimble.” Added Lieberman, “The Colorado has the best steering I’ve ever experienced on any truck, full stop.”

The new Colorado is both efficient and powerful offering best-in-class towing capacity. Under the hood is a 3.6L V6 that offers an EPA-estimated best-in-class 26 MPG highway fuel economy. The truck is also available with a 2.5L 4 cylinder and there are plans for a 2.8L turbo-diesel. The beautiful truck has a sleek design and quiet, refined interior, Colorado might feel like an upscale sedan, “but its all truck”.

More information available at http://www.heidebreicht.com/models/chevrolet-coloradohttp://www.heidebreicht.com/models/chevrolet-colorado

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