Best Winter Service Specials Around at Heidebreicht in Washington, MI

winter repair services

Who says Dealerships are more expensive? At Heidebreicht Chevrolet, we make sure you get the best prices in quality routine services for your vehicle anywhere. Just take a look at these surprisingly low priced specials offered all winter long:

    Check brake lines and hoses. Inspect disc brake pads and linings. Check master cylinder and fluid levels.
  • OIL CHANGE $13.00
    Recommended for GM vehicles 2010 and older. Includes filter, reset oil life system plus check for leaks, inflation pressure and wear, engine coolant, windshield fluid. Trucks: lubricate front suspension, ball joints, steering linkage plus recommended services and costs, resulting from inspection.
  • DEXOS OIL CHANGE with ACDELCO Dexos1 Oil  $21.00
    Recommended for vehicles 2011 and newer. Includes same as regular oil change.
  • 5-quart oil change, 4-tire rotation & 27-point inspection.
  • TIRE ROTATION $16.00
    Check tire pressures, rotate tires and wheels as recommended.
    Tire pressure is extremely important for safety in winter when colder temperatures outside affect the tire pressure inside and impact how tires handle the cold or snowy surfaces.
  • WIPER BLADE REPLACEMENT $10.00 each, Pair for $20.00
    Free installation with purchase. (Applicable on front wiper blades only. Prices vary for rear wiper blades). You  may consider higher end blades for windshield ice and snow.
  • REPLACE ENGINE AIR FILTER (excluding trucks) $30.20
    Includes parts and labor.
  • WHEEL BALANCE $45.00
    Check tire pressures & adjust as necessary. Balance four tires. Inspect tires and wheels for abnormal wear & damage. Torque wheel nuts as recommended.
    Replace front brake pads, machine motors.

For more details on these specials, as well as additional specials and coupons, visit the service menu page on our website.  There you can schedule an appointment online, making sure you receive a confirmation call. You can always just drop in at your convenience and we’ll look after you in short order. We’re open Monday and Thursday 7 am – 8 pm and Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 7 am – 6 pm. And don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our services.


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