tire and wheel protection

“April Showers Bring May Potholes” – Get Tire and Wheel Protection in New Baltimore, MI

tire and wheel protection

Your vehicle’s tires and wheels take a beating during the long, cold months of a New Baltimore winter. Once spring arrives, you’re likely to see plenty of pits in the road caused by the harsh weather. Driving over those pits can lead to even more damage to your wheels and tires. Fortunately, Heidebreicht Chevrolet offers the Tire and Wheel Protection New Baltimore residents need. Don’t let the inevitable damage caused by spring potholes get you down – when you’re covered by our Tire and Wheel Protection Plan, you don’t need to worry.

What Kind of Damage Do Potholes Inflict on Your Tires?

Depending on how fast your car is going when it hits a pothole, the damage could be significant to your tires. Another factor is how big the hole is, as well its particular shape. If your car hits a pothole in a certain way and at a certain speed, it could cause an immediate puncture or serious wear and tear to the side wall or wheel rim. If the wear and tear goes undetected, the bad tires will do further damage to alignment or suspension, costing you greater cost and time.

The Tire and Wheel Protection New Baltimore, MI Drivers Need

The solution to dealing with damage from potholes is our comprehensive Tire and Wheel Protection Plan. Our guarantee offers you the road hazard protection you need; you’re covered for the damage caused by hazards like potholes, nails, and glass. We offer coverage with no hidden fees and no deductible. If you replace your tires during the term of your contract, you don’t need to pay an extra fee to cover them. View our tire and wheel protection plan (Tire & Wheel Protect) conveniently found on our website, and you’ll see why this plan is one that every New Baltimore driver should have.

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