Putting The “Fun” In Functional

Chevrolet Express Cargo Van

There are some times when a truck just isn’t the right fit for a business. Florists, local delivery drivers, craftsman- all of these people need a way to move their equipment or merchandise without exposure to the elements. For a reliable work vehicle with updated technology and plenty of cargo space, check out the Chevrolet Express Cargo Van.

The Express Cargo Van can sit on a regular 135 inch wheelbase or an extended base with an additional 20 inches. Depending on which style you chose, it can haul 8600-9600 pounds gross vehicle weight. The six speed automatic transmission saves on gas costs. Add in the StabiliTrak electronic stability control which comes standard on all models and the Express Cargo Van is perfect for cargo transportation. You can even get an extra three person bench for the back in the Express Crew Cargo Van configuration.

That covers the functional, but what about the fun? That comes from the 2016 addition to this model: OnStar 4G LTE connectivity. You can outfit your van with a mobile hub capable of hosting up to seven personal devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, and more) whenever your vehicle is running. Say good-bye to slow internet access while waiting for a customer! You can even stream videos at fast enough speeds to teleconference.

The Chevy MyLink, also new for 2016, allows your smartphone to interface with the van for safe, easy control of your infotainment apps. Besides letting you play your favorite Spotify playlists from the touchscreen, this cuts down on driver distraction and gives you safer communication with your home office without having to pull over.

Heidebreicht Chevys have you covered at work or at play. Visit our lot on Van Dyke Avenue to see the versatile Express Cargo Van for yourself!

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A Home Run For Community Spirit

Community baseball game

Community baseball game

Community is a key value here at Heidebreicht. When the community prospers, we prosper. That’s why it’s so important to us to take part in activities across Washington County, not just Chevy-related events. Every year we are privileged to sponsor a Romeo-area youth baseball team. Right now we have partnered with the Washington Area Athletic Association and the Washington Baseball league.

Physical fitness and a love of athletics is great, but Little League is about more than sports. It helps kids build a whole host of life skills, from personal responsibility to community awareness. Children who play organized sports tend to do better in school because of the discipline learned on the team. They also learn good coping mechanisms for stress (after all, they can’t win every game). The benefits even reach parents, who have the chance to make friends with similar families while supporting their teams.

Sponsorship can take many forms. We provide equipment, t-shirts, and monetary donation to our team as well as organizing special outings. One of these was a Baseball Clinic held at Comerica Park, where the kids were taught new ways to improve their skills. Another time we staged a Day at the Detroit Tigers Game. The kids got to see professional baseball players and were brought on the field for special recognition.

Sometimes we’re able to go the extra mile. In 2014 we were participated in a national vehicle raffle, selling tickets to increase our chance to give one of our league families a new Chevy. A lot of dealers were in the drawing, but Heidebreicht was the lucky winner! We were so honored to present the Quirk family with a brand new Chevy Traverse.

Don’t forget to support your community. Reach out and find the ways you can take part!

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May Deals At Heidebreicht


When we worked out our May deals, we gave a lot of thought to what our customers need right now. This month we couldn’t decide between offering some exciting new lease specials and updating our popular bonus coupon- so we did both! Continue reading

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Testimonial Tuesday: Financing, Tires, and Cookies


Financing, tires and cookies.

Heidebreicht isn’t just a car dealership- we’re your neighbors here in Macomb County. Your opinions matter to us. We want to show it by announcing a new monthly feature called Testimonial Tuesday, where we take a look at what customers are posting on our Reviews page.

Cheryl of Shelby Township came to Heidebreicht nervous about financing a car for the first time. She had high praise for Jim, one of our salesmen. “He made me feel comfortable, wasn’t pushy. He answered all my questions. He was a delight. He went beyond what I could have wished for.” Cheryl went on to mention the staff who made her first financing experience “so much fun”. Thanks for the great feedback, Cheryl. We work hard to make sure our customers get great service, and we love hearing about it when we do.

It was great to see so many customers commenting on our speedy service. Dale, Olivia, and John all took the time to post about our efficient service. Melissa of Macomb told us about her oil change and tire rotation, which was finished less than half an hour from her appointment time.

Sandra of Washington Township had a small issue when she saw the price of her door repairs. After speaking with our technicians and doing research, she came back to report that she’d discovered this was, “a common problem in Buick Lucernes”. We’re sorry for your setback, Sandra, and thank you for taking the time to tell us that our quality of service wasn’t the problem. We’re happy to have your trust.

Of course, sometimes it’s the little things that get noticed. Thanks to Chris and Timothy for letting us know our office snacks were tasty!

Come visit us today. Yours might be the next testimonial featured!

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The Silverado’s Gone Country

Country Guitar

Country Guitar

Chevy trucks and country music go together like ham and eggs. Whether it’s Jason Aldean getting ready to “Ride This Chevy” or Gretchen Wilson bemoaning her Silverado-stealing ex-boyfriend in “One Bud Wiser”, stars have been singing the praises of Chevy trucks since Country music began. Chevy plays a pretty big role in their home lives, too. Look in the garages of the top artists in the field and you’ll find at least one beloved truck that sees regular use. Dierks Bentley’s old Chevy Big White is practically a celebrity itself.

The most popular ride for Country’s elite seems to be the Silverado. Whether it’s a brand new 1500 with the latest technology or a broken-in 90s model, stars love the truck as much as the rest of us.

Both halves of rising sensation Florida Georgia Line drive new Silverados. Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard received the customized vehicles from a Kennesaw dealership as a “thank you” for mentioning the business in their hit song “Cruise”, but for Kelley Chevy has been a life-long love. Talking about his first experience with the brand, he said, “I was driving down the road, and driving the other way was a Chevy Silverado… It was like that teal green that was cool in the ’90s… it was lifted, and I was like that is awesome! Ever since, I’ve always wanted a big ole Chevy with a lift kick.” Kelley got his 6-inch lifted Silverado 1500 4×4 Z71 with 35 in tires, though he went for a metallic blue instead of teal. Hubbard drives the same model in silver, chosen to stand out against the blue truck he already owned.

Luke Bryan is a big Silverado fan. The “All My Friends Say” singer has driven several different models of the truck in his lifetime, though right now he favors an all-black four wheel drive Silverado 1500 Z71 LT. Bryan doesn’t baby his truck at all. It’s been through some pretty hairy adventures. He once tweeted a humorous reminder to his fans about setting the parking brake posted right above a picture of his Silverado half sunk into a lake. The truck lived up to its Chevy Tough reputation- he was driving it again in no time.

For some artists their trucks aren’t just a ride. They’re inspiration. AMC Song of the Year “I Drive Your Truck” tells the story of a man whose brother, a soldier, died in the line of duty. The narrator drives his brother’s truck to feel close to him. This song was co-written by Conni Harrington after hearing an interview with the father of a fallen soldier who did the same thing Lee Brice, who performed the song, drives a black 2012 Chevy Silverado.

What is it about the Silverado- and Chevy- that makes it so popular with country artists? It doesn’t seem to be losing momentum. Even young artists like Taylor Swift name-drop Chevy in their music. Phil Caruso, national promotions manager for Chevrolet, thinks it’s about American values of hard work, quality, and fun. He describes country music as being a reflection of American culture and values. “When you consider how long Chevrolet’s been a cultural force, it’s not surprising that those who’ve depicted all aspects of American life through country music have been so influenced by the brand.”

At Heidebreicht, we work hard to uphold these same American values. We’ve been serving Macomb County since 1971, and we’re proud to say we have the best customer service around. Come on in to our Washington, Michigan showroom and see why we are loved by country music’s best!


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Summer Of Chevy



It’s no secret that Michiganders love to drive. Maybe it’s the proximity to the birthplace of the automobile, but driving just runs in our blood. We wait all winter for that special time when the roads are clear enough to unpack our treasured performance cars and hit the asphalt. Chevy salutes that adventurous spirit with extensive upgrades to two favorite models: the Camaro and the Corvette.

These aren’t base cosmetic changes. Technology is improving in leaps and bounds, and Chevy has a commitment to using the most up-to-date designs manufacturing techniques. Both cars have been reshaped for higher performance while maintaining that distinctive “Chevy feel”.

The 2016 Camaro, for example, has lost a significant amount of weight. Engineers trimmed nearly three hundred pounds from the V6 model and almost four hundred from the brand-new turbo four option. This was done by cutting excess everywhere, like the ends of over-long bolts. Also, GM substituted aluminum for steel wherever it would add performance without decreasing safety ratings. The result is a leaner, lighter, faster Camaro than ever before.

Past critics of the Camaro have complained of choppy handling, but that’s not an issue with the 2016 model. The Camaro SS model corners like a dream thanks to double lower ball joints, an independent five link rear wheel suspension mechanism, and MacPherson struts (seen on vehicles like the Porsche 911). The SS can also be fitted with GM’s Magnetic Ride Control, billed as “the world’s fastest reacting suspension”. It makes the driver feel like the car is glued to the road, providing an incredibly stable driving experience.

Despite the upgrades to its engine and trims to its body, the Camaro’s cabin is quiet and luxurious. The redesign emphasizes premium materials, tailored stitching, and a refreshingly ergonomic cockpit. Drivers can opt to reconfigure their instrument cluster to display the information they use most. The available 8-inch touchscreen accesses Chevy MyLink and by extension Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There may not seem to be much room for improvement on the Corvette. After all, last year Car and Driver ranked it ahead of the Jaguar F-Type, the Audi TT/TTS, and the Alfa Romeo 4C. Chevy is always pushing for excellence, though, and the 2016 Corvette shows it. For starters, Chevy MyLink with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay now comes standard. With the supercar performance of a Corvette, that’s a pretty crucial change. Drivers are now free to enjoy the road without trying to balance their infotainment needs.

A 455 horsepower 6.2 liter V8 engine powers the Corvette Stingray. Drivers can bump that up to 460 horsepower with an optional performance exhaust. It comes standard with a seven speed manual transmission with automatic rev-matching. The clutch is smooth, allowing fast seamless transition between gears, and the magnetic ride control provides incredible cohesion with the road. All these combine to make the Corvette go where you want it, when you want it there.

On the center console of the 2016 Corvette is one of the trademark features that make driving it such a satisfying experience: a mode selector. Five customizable driving modes offer steering, throttle, transmission, and stability control settings designed to maximize the Corvette’s performance. Like the Camaro, the Chevy MyLink system comes standard in the new model. Any serious driver will want to include the Performance Data Recorder to track acceleration and handling data (as well as recording videos of your favorite routes).

Do you have a favorite Chevy performance car? Want to experience one of them for yourself? Heidebreicht can help! Stop into our Washington Township showroom

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An Ounce Of Prevention

polishing a car

Albert Einstein once said, “intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them.” That saying is doubly true when it comes to your prized Chevy. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep from having unexpected repair bills. Part of that maintenance is remembering to do your seasonal head to toe checkup, so we’ve put together an easy Spring Maintenance Guide to make sure you don’t miss anything important. Continue reading

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Your Best Car-Buying Resource

family looking at car options

Car salesmen have a bad reputation. Comedians color them as pushy, fast-talking sharks out to separate honest folks from their hard-earned money. A quick Google search turns up thousands of pages describing how to tell a good sales person from a bad one (you can find our tips here on our blog). While it is important to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of, it’s also a bad idea to treat your salesperson like a cartoon villain. A good car salesman can be your best ally in getting the car you want at the price you need. Continue reading

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Theft-Proof Your Chevy

person trying to open car door
Automobile theft is an unfortunate fact of life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a car is stolen every forty-five seconds in America. In the past stolen vehicles were stripped down and sold for parts, but part-marking laws have made that less profitable. Now thieves take cars to use for running drugs, smuggling, or other illegal endeavors before abandoning them. While that means recovery rates are higher than they’ve ever been, there is almost always damage to the vehicle. A broken steering column can run almost $500 to fix. Continue reading

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April’s Lease Specials

april lease specials calendar

April brings a shower of savings to Heidebreicht Chevrolet! If you have a lease from another dealership that’s almost over, now is the perfect time to think about switching. We have a field of special prices designed to help you upgrade your ride. Continue reading

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